In the perfect world, long-distance moving would be a breeze, with minimal stress and a dedicated team of experts that handle all the details of your project while you sit back and enjoy the excitement of moving to a brand-new location. In reality, planning an interstate move is a major ordeal that takes planning, coordination, and a lot of time and effort, but there are still ways that you can make the most of your experience!

When planning an interstate moving project, you need to consider what you are taking, how your items will be stored during the move, and the type of help that you want from a professional moving company. At Black Tie Moving, our goal is to provide a red-carpet experience to all of our residential and commercial moving customers, and we suggest considering the following factors to get a jump-start on executing a seamless move:

1.  How Will You Stay Organized? Packing up your home, getting rid of clutter, organizing important documents, and calling ahead to set-up services in your new location are all things on your to-do list during an interstate move. To stay organized, you will want to begin as early as possible, and it helps to create a dedicated moving binder where you can keep track of all the important details of your moving process. 2.  What Moving Company Will You Choose? Working with a skilled, trusted moving provider is essential for executing a smooth state-to-state move, but not all companies are created equally! Look for a company that has a long-standing reputation in the industry, positive reviews, and clear, honest price estimates when you start the process, and compare quotes from several different companies before making your final decision. 3.  How Can You Protect Yourself During the Process? The last thing that you want to deal with in a long-distance move is broken, damaged items, missing belongings, or unexpected events that derail your moving process. To protect yourself during a move, look into the insurance coverage offered by your moving company, and make sure that you take the time to fully understand your contract for moving and storage services so you know what is—or is not—covered.

Whether you are packing up a small apartment, large family home, or commercial facility, every interstate moving project has the same goal—getting the job done as quickly, affordably, and painlessly as possible. With help from the professional movers at Black Tie Moving, that’s exactly what you can expect to receive, and we offer everything from secured storage to expert movers and state-of-the-art equipment to help you have an exceptional relocation experience.

With over 40,000 successful moves under our belts, it’s easy to see why Black Tie Moving is the trusted choice for simplifying long-distance moving around the country, and we’d love to hear from you today! For more tips on planning a move and to secure a free cost estimate for your project, just give us a call or fill out our online form now.