Whether you’re preparing for a local move to a new apartment or to relocate out of state, one of the most challenging aspects of moving is packing your belongings to ensure they arrive safely at your new home. If you are preparing for an upcoming move, you might wonder how to pack glasses when moving. While packing glassware can be challenging, there are ways that it can be done to ensure all of your glasses will arrive at your new home without any damage. 

How to Pack Glasses When Moving 

Choose the Right Boxes

One of the most important steps in determining how to pack glasses for moving is ensuring that you select the right boxes and moving equipment. Choosing the right size box will ensure that all of your glassware can be stored safely without making a box too heavy and therefore risking damage. You should also be sure to choose boxes that can be securely sealed shut on both the top and bottom to avoid glassware falling out and breaking during the moving process

Properly Wrap Glasses 

The key to ensuring that your glassware is transported safely and securely to your new destination is wrapping your glasses with care to keep them from becoming damaged while in transit. Using the proper materials - like heavy-duty bubble wrap, tissue paper, and more - is essential in ensuring that fragile glassware is wrapped with care. 

Get Help from the Professionals

Moving glassware between homes can be challenging. When attempting to move such fragile items from one home to another, it is best to rely on the help of experienced professional movers. Professional movers have the equipment needed to pack and transport fragile items such as glassware, including heavy-duty boxes that are the right size for all of your glasses and fragile belongings, as well as professional-grade bubble wrap and other packing materials to make sure that your glasses are safely wrapped to avoid damage while being transported to your new home. 

Contact Black Tie

When determining how to pack glasses for moving, it’s always best to leave this important task up to the professionals. The experts at Black Tie Moving can make packing, transporting, and safely unloading fragile items like glassware easy, no matter where you’re headed.  To learn more about our services or to get more expert packing tips from our team, contact us today!