Local Moving Company

Wondering where to find a top-notch local mover in your area? You may be having trouble deciding how to choose a local moving company to handle your relocation. Don't worry about it. Here are some tips to help you find a qualified 'mover near me' in your area.

1. Ask Friends & Family for Referrals

Reach out to your own personal network of family and friends to see who had good experiences with their household movers. You may be surprised to find one name popping up over and over again. Or, your loved ones will give you a lot of good leads to follow up on.

2. Review their Better Business Bureau Profile

Another option is to head to the Better Business Bureau's (BBB) website. This non-profit organization provides ratings for local businesses and allows previous customers to post complaints on the business profile. The BBB also acts as a mediator between businesses and customers to resolve complaints.

You can use their website search function to look for moving companies and storage providers in your area. The site will show each company's ratings right in the search results.

3. Set Up Consultations with Local Movers

Whether you take the previous steps to heart or not, it's also vital to start meeting with different local movers to get to know them better. Find a moving company that offers all the services you need, such as fragile-only moving and insurance valuation options. 

Ask about their licensing, especially if you plan on going a long distance during your move. Finally, pay attention to how you feel about each mover during the consultation. Make sure to pick a team you feel comfortable with and trust with your belongings.

4. Compare Moving Quotes Between Movers

The most important element of this decision-making process may just be your budget. Most moving companies offer free cost estimates for relocations. You'll likely be presented with an estimate during a free consultation with your short list of moving companies. 

When comparing each of the moving estimates, consider setting aside any bids that are very low compared to the other movers. This could be a sign that these movers are underbidding their work, which could leave you with a much higher bill to pay at the end of the move than expected.

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